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Underneath It All Part II
And the n00b meshing continues.  More shoechoices. Shatarja's boots, sneakers and high boots (dunno what to call them really).
What's the point with these? They are bottoms, meant to be used with various alpha tops, but how you use them is up to you. The hips and butt are scaled down to fit under tops with very little or no bleeding.

I decided to use Hysterical Paroxysms nice undies and some of Xandhers Lillith lace leggings.
All have fatmorphs. All have correct shoesounds and are compressed.
Also, none of these have bumpmaps. I had trouble linking things correctly
(probably another default replacement that is the problem)
but after too many attempts I gave up and took whatever recolor that worked.

And uh.. yeah I was high on poseboxes when taking these pictures 8D I'm an addict!!

Sneakers from H&M pack. 8 recolors + mesh. Poly = 832

Download here:

Shatarja's cool boots :D Thank you so much for permission to use them :D
5 recolors + mesh. Poly = 876

Download here:

High boots from H&M pack. 7 recolors + mesh. Poly = 876

Download here:

Hysterical Paroxysm for the panties
(Originals: )
Xandher for the lace leggings
Shatarja for the boots
Simal for the original mesh

In the pictures:
Tops: Xandher TSR, Needlecream GOS and one I'm not sure about.
Hair: Rose, XMsims (nouked from Il Trono forums) and Peggy.
Skintones: Enayla and PeachT
Benches from Murano and Sims2Play
Floor from Eaxis
Wall: Don't know.

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I really love these separates. The H&M boots will be thoroughly abused in my game. :)

Yesss. *noms yummeh bottoms*

These are lovely!! Is what we get is what's shown in the pictures? :) I'm a bit confused about that.

I'm lazy and only shown 2 recolors of each. There's several different recolors, all have at least 2 versions (black and grey) of HP's undies and the rest are Xandhers lace leggings. I took the ones that looked best with the shoe. I'm glad you guys like them :D

LOL, high on poseboxes!
These are cute, thanks. I especially love the ones with the sneakers, but I'm snagging them all :)

I enjoy your copypasta and shall devour it with relish. Or parmesan. Whichever. :D :D

Could you convert these for teen female? I've been looking for a bottom-only nude mesh with boots or sneakers for ages. If I ever get the hang of skinning, I have a ton of cute shorts and leggings pics I want to have as sims clothes.

They could be fun to have as teen meshes, but I'm not sure I have the time or energy to convert them anytime soon. If you find someone else, or learn to do it yourself, you have my permission to go nuts with these :)

These are awesome, thank you for sharing.

(Deleted comment)
I'm so happy I found your lj! These bottoms are exactly what I was looking for! :) Thank you!

:( I'm late to the game on these top only dresses thing and your bottoms for under them are so great, but the links are no longer working. Maybe you're too busy, and that's okay, but I just thought I'd ask if you could re-upload them.

I would love them, too! I'll be checking back often :)
Thanks for doing this stuff and even more for sharing it! <3

Thank you! This is a great idea.

The links are working anymore... I really wanted these wonderful things.

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